"Comfort to us encompasses many roads. We find that Hospice of Kankakee Valley serves as a comfort to residents, families, friends and our own staff. We find peace and comfort in knowing that we can share our own feelings, accomplishments and fears with hospice and they know the right things to say and do to help us help while caring for the resident."

- Bryan Harris - Heritage Health in Dwight

"We brought my granny home with hospice last Monday, after she had a stroke in her home. I could NEVER of taken such great care of my granny without the help of Hospice. I truly want to THANK each and every one for the care, compassion, and help that we received while living my granny’s final wishes. My granny, (LKM), met heaven’s gate, the happiest women in the world. She left in my arms, in her own home, on her own terms. Just the way she wanted. THANK YOU!"

- Melanie

The care and compassion that Hospice of Kankakee Valley gave to my grandpa and my family was something that I will remember for the rest of my life.

As a volunteer, I am so grateful that I also get to give back to my community with the same care and compassion that was shown to my grandpa.

I carry the memory of him with me as I continue to be with those who are in the end of life transition and provide them with the same dignity and warmth that was given to my grandpa and my family.

- Alyssa Capriotti - volunteer at HKV

"Such wonderful caring people. They helped our family get through the most difficult time of our lives last spring. They took excellent care of both mom and sister and helped me make some difficult decisions. They were there day or night any time you needed them."

- Betty

Such wonderful caring people. They helped our family get through the most difficult time of our lives last spring. They took excellent care of both mom and sister and helped me make some difficult decisions. They were there day or night any time you needed them


Dignity is a sense of pride in oneself, self-respect, or worthy of respect.’Every person should be able to go through the end of life journey with dignity, and hospice provides each individual with just that.

The staff of Hospice of Kankakee Valley assists with providing that dignity to the person, their families, and those who care for them whether physical, mental or spiritual. Hospice helps ease the transition. Everyone deserves dignity in the death and dying process.”

- Darla Savoie

"I can’t say enough good things about Hospice of Kankakee Valley. This great group of people helped our family when my Dad came home for his last days. That was all he wanted, to be home, and they helped it happen. Physically, emotionally and spiritually they were there for us. They’re all very special people. Thanks for helping us."

- Pam

"In June of 2013, JJ began having seizure like activity. With extensive testing he was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder . When the treatment for the blood disorder became too debilitating for him, he and his family decided to pursue hospice care.

The hospice services in coordination with Good Shepherd Manor enabled JJ to remain in his home and receive care that promoted a quality of life and him being surrounded by people he cared about and who cared about him.

JJ’s story is an extraordinary success story. JJ rallied physically and was eventually able to be discharged from hospice care.

He continues to be closely monitored by his staff and physicians for any regression. With the involvement of hospice, JJ’s discomfort was kept to a minimum and his mental and physical needs were readily addressed.
Without hospice services during that time, JJ would have had to go to another type of facility to receive this type of service. Hospice services for JJ, his family, and his staff, were truly a 'PEACE OF MIND'!"

- Janis Land, “JJ” Dudenhoefer, & Brother Alphonsus Brown - Good Shepherd Manor

"Never thinking anyone in my family would need this organization, I did not know what to expect. Hospice of Kankakee Valley was a blessing: like angels sent to watch over my mother and help me and my family members through that difficult time."

- Anonymous

John Fitts is a volunteer that plays a vital role on our volunteer team. He is one of our support group leaders that runs a group twice a month. He is committed, passionate, and faithful to the mission of hospice of Kankakee valley and seeks to see people through their grieving process. John has been a volunteer for us for over 3 years now and his desire to volunteer with us stemmed from some unique life experiences and his desire to help people. John knows and understands loss personally; he has lost his mother, brother, and wife to cancer and expresses that he had no one to run to and no one to talk to. He felt alone, and did not understand the hurt he was feeling. He knows full well that going through loss is difficult, but likes he tells his group members, “you’re new full time job for right now, is grieving, and that’s OK!” John’s passion in volunteering for Hospice is to create a time and place for people to talk, grieve, and share and to build a community of support. He explains that there is so much fulfillment in his purpose as a volunteer when someone who comes in completely broken can laugh again and can have joy again … THAT’S what it is about! John believes that one of the greatest gifts you can give is time and that volunteering will give more back to YOU than you can ever imagine.

Hospice has been a part of my life from the beginning of my career over 30 years ago. Starting out as a critical care nurse, I had the opportunity to guide our patients to their next level of care knowing that they would be in the most compassionate hands.

Throughout the rest of my career, and even today, I have a close relationship with the team at HKV. I have used them personally for several of my family members, as well as many patients. The genuine care and compassion is second to none.

The support received from the most holistic sense is not truly known until you have to utilize their services. However, when you experience the HKV philosophy of care, you will find comfort in your journey. We are very fortunate to have such a wonderful group of caring and experienced individuals in our community. - Beth Ludwig

- Maragaret Ondrey, Beth Ludwig, Meredith Scafiezzo – Riverside Medical Center Complex Care