John Fitts is a volunteer that plays a vital role on our volunteer team. He is one of our support group leaders that runs a group twice a month. He is committed, passionate, and faithful to the mission of Hospice of Kankakee Valley and seeks to see people through their grieving process. John has been a volunteer for us for over 5 years now and his desire to volunteer with us stemmed from some unique life experiences and his desire to help people. John knows and understands loss personally; he has lost his mother, brother, and wife to cancer and expresses that he had no one to run to and no one to talk to. He felt alone, and did not understand the hurt he was feeling. He knows full well that going through loss is difficult, but likes he tells his group members, “you’re new full time job for right now, is grieving, and that’s OK!” John’s passion in volunteering for Hospice is to create a time and place for people to talk, grieve, and share and to build a community of support. He explains that there is so much fulfillment in his purpose as a volunteer when someone who comes in completely broken can laugh again and can have joy again … THAT’S what it is about! John believes that one of the greatest gifts you can give is time and that volunteering will give more back to YOU than you can ever imagine.