Jen2The Fajman family cannot say enough about the care that their mother, Alice received while on service with HKV. They were very pleased with her care as a whole and especially thankful for the care she received from Licensed Massage Therapist, Jennifer Marcotte.

Earning her License in Massage Therapy in 2007 from the American Bodywork Institute in Bradley, Jen also has continuing education credits in lymphedema, fibromyalgia, sciatica and acupressure. Starting at HKV in 2015, Jen would typically see 2-3 patients per week. Since then, she has grown her caseload significantly, providing over 90 therapeutic massage treatments per month.

“There was something about the touch that really helped mom relax,” explained Tranita Fajman, “We all looked forward to Jen’s visit because we knew mom really enjoyed it… and all of us really enjoyed her being there.”

Jen combines many different methods of touch to achieve the best possible outcome for the patients. “I’m a firm believer in the therapeutic effects of touch and I see it work every day in my patients,” she explained.

While massage is her profession, hospice care is her passion. “This is definitely where I wanted this career path to take me,” she explained, “I love being able to help ease my patients pain whether it be physical or emotional, but the best part is definitely being able to talk to them and hear their stories.”