"In June of 2013, JJ began having seizure like activity. With extensive testing he was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder . When the treatment for the blood disorder became too debilitating for him, he and his family decided to pursue hospice care.

The hospice services in coordination with Good Shepherd Manor enabled JJ to remain in his home and receive care that promoted a quality of life and him being surrounded by people he cared about and who cared about him.

JJ’s story is an extraordinary success story. JJ rallied physically and was eventually able to be discharged from hospice care.

He continues to be closely monitored by his staff and physicians for any regression. With the involvement of hospice, JJ’s discomfort was kept to a minimum and his mental and physical needs were readily addressed.
Without hospice services during that time, JJ would have had to go to another type of facility to receive this type of service. Hospice services for JJ, his family, and his staff, were truly a 'PEACE OF MIND'!"

- Janis Land, “JJ” Dudenhoefer, & Brother Alphonsus Brown - Good Shepherd Manor